Goal Setting for Moms Part 5:  What are the Best Mental Goals for Moms?

It’s easy for busy moms to get overwhelmed with all that life throws at us. Oftentimes, the last thing on their minds is making time for themselves. However, it’s important to stay mentally active and engaged in order to be the best mom you can be. Here are some mental goals you could set this year! 

Pick a Focus Area 
One of the best ways to stimulate your mind is to pick an area of focus each year. Whether this means diving into a specific subject or hobby, learning a new language, or picking up a new skill, having something that makes you feel personally fulfilled can make all the difference. Not only will this help take your mind off of everyday stressors, but it will also help expand your knowledge and give you something tangible to strive for. Plus, the new skills you learn may come in handy in the future!  Make sure you apply what you have learned, as that leads to mastery.  Make this a SMART goal by setting aside the time to chose your area of focus, and then deciding how much time you will take each day/week, and setting a date to accomplish or master your new skill.

Join a Book Club 
What better way to stay mentally engaged than by joining a book club? This doesn’t just mean reading books; it means discussing them with others who have read them too! Not only will this keep your brain sharp and engaged as you discuss different aspects of the book, but it also gives you an opportunity to make friends who share similar interests. Plus, if you ever need advice on what book to read next, you’ll always have someone willing to offer recommendations!  I have almost always been a part of a book club, I love it!  I've made amazing friends and have learned so much, and it doesn't even matter what kind of books you are reading - I've been in classical, contemporary, self-help, and business book clubs.  Make this a SMART goal by setting a date to finish each book and setting aside the time to read and participate in the book club.

Get Creative 
Creative activities such as painting, drawing, or knitting can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. They provide an outlet for frustration and stress while also inspiring creativity. If you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years, now is the perfect time to start back up again (or start from scratch). You don’t need any special skills either; there are plenty of resources online that teach artistic techniques step-by-step. So grab some supplies, find a great YouTube teacher, and get creative today!  This is something fun you can do with your kids, as well.  It sets a great example for them to see you learning new things ad you can learn together! Make this a SMART goal by setting a date to finish each activity you choose.                                   

Mental goals are essential for busy moms who want to keep their minds sharp and engaged throughout the year. From picking an area of focus or learning a new skill, joining a book club with friends or getting creative with paintbrushes – there are plenty of ways stay mentally active without sacrificing too much time away from family or other responsibilities. Setting mental goals not only helps take your mind off daily stressors but also provides tangible results that can be carried over into other areas of life such as problem solving skills, patience and more! So challenge yourself today – set some mental goals and see where they take you!

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