5 Homeschool learning ideas every child (and mom!) will benefit from

5 Homeschool learning ideas every child (and mom!)  will benefit from
Whether you are just starting the homeschool journey, or are a seasoned homeschooler, making sure your children are focusing on their learning can be a challenge. It is important for them to retain the information being taught so that they can move forward and meet their academic goals. Here are 5 ideas that will help your kids focus and learn while retaining what you have taught them—and also help you stay sane during those super stressful days! 

Healthy Diet  
Eating healthy meals and snacks is essential to learning and focusing because it gives students the energy they need to pay attention in class. Eating a nutritious breakfast is especially important since it helps set the tone for the day. Include fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, legumes, nuts & seeds in your student’s diet.  This drink has also made a huge difference for my kids (and me!)

Designated Space  
Having a designated space for your homeschooling activities will help ensure that everyone knows where they should go when it’s time to get down to business. This could be a desk or table set up specifically for studying, or even just an area of the room that has been dedicated solely for learning purposes. A comfortable chair is also key—your student needs to be able to sit comfortably without distractions. 
Designated Time  
Just like having a designated space is important, setting aside specific times of day for learning is beneficial too. This helps create structure in your homeschooling routine which can provide both comfort and consistency for your student. Designate certain hours each day for studying and make sure everyone sticks to this schedule!  

We all know how kids love to move around! While it may seem counterintuitive, allowing students some time during school hours to get up and move around can actually help them focus on their studies better when they return back to their desk or table. This could include something as simple as stretching exercises or going outside for some fresh air—whatever works best!  (We like full 1/2 hour "recesses")

Everyone loves rewards, especially kids! Having incentives in place can motivate students to stay focused during school time and work hard towards achieving their goals. These incentives could come in many forms such as treats, extra playtime, or even small prizes—anything that will give them an added boost of motivation!  We have a play money incentive set up.  They learn to use money while they are "earning" and "spending" for prizes.

Homeschooling isn’t always easy but with these 5 ideas you can make sure your kids focus on their studies while still having fun in the process! Setting up a healthy diet plan, creating a designated space and time for studying, incorporating movement into the day, and providing incentives are all great ways to help keep everyone on track while staying sane during those stressful days. With these tips under your belt you’ll be able create an environment perfect for learning at home!

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