Roll Back to School: DIY Essential Oil Blends for Focus, Immunity, and Emotional Support

Roll Back to School: DIY Essential Oil Blends for Focus, Immunity, and Emotional Support
As we gear up for yet another school year, it's crucial to equip ourselves and our families with practical tools that promote focus, immunity, and emotional well-being. What better way to do this than by incorporating essential oils into our daily routines? These little powerhouses emit captivating aromas while providing endless therapeutic benefits. Let's dive into three DIY essential oil blends tailored for focus, immunity, and emotional support.

Focus Blend - Enhancing Concentration and Mental Clarity

When it comes to sharpening your focus and boosting mental clarity, certain essential oils truly shine. Let's create a splendid focus blend by combining the following essential oils:

Cedarwood: Loved for its grounding and calming properties, Cedarwood helps unleash a clear mind and enhance focus.

Vetiver: This earthy oil is renowned for improving attention span, reducing distractions, and promoting mental alertness.

Lavender: With its soothing and balancing qualities, Lavender fosters relaxation while simultaneously amping up your focus game.

Peppermint: Embrace the invigorating scent of Peppermint that stimulates your mind, boosts alertness, and tackles mental fatigue like a superhero.

Frankincense: Revered throughout history for its grounding and centering effects, Frankincense plays a pivotal role in maintaining your focus and mental clarity.

To create the focus blend, simply combine 10 drops of Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Lavender, and 5 drops of Frankincense and Peppermint in a stylish glass roller bottle, then fill with the carrier oil of your choice. During study sessions or whenever you need a mental boost, diffuse this magnificent blend or dilute it in a carrier oil and apply a drop to your temples or wrists for an instant pick-me-up.

If you prefer ready made blends, BrainPower, Geneyus, and Clarity are some of my favorites!

Emotional Support Blend - Nurturing Our Mental and Emotional Well-being

Life's ups and downs can really drain our emotional batteries. But worry not! Let's dive into a fabulous essential oil blend specially curated to boost our emotional well-being. This phenomenal blend includes:

Lavender: The ultimate stress and anxiety buster, this super herb brings much-needed calmness and serenity to the table.

Orange: An invigorating aroma that instantly uplifts the mood and fills the air with positivity.  (Can substitute lemon)

Frankincense: The Zen master of essential oils, this grounding gem promotes emotional equilibrium and total wellness.

Bergamot: A delightful citrus oil that washes away tension, invites relaxation, and turns frowns upside down.

To unleash the magic of the emotional support blend, mix 10 drops of each of these enchanting oils and store them in an elegant  glass bottle then fill with carrier oil. Whenever stress comes knocking or when you crave an emotional lift, fill your space with this divine blend. You can also dab it on your wrists or neck for an instant mood makeover.

If you prefer ready made blends, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Valor, and KidPower are some of my favorites!

Immunity Blend - Super Charge your Defenses!

Get ready to boost your body's natural defenses with an Immunity Blend that packs a punch! As we embark on another school year, prioritizing our immune systems is a must. Essential oils, with their incredible immune-boosting properties, are here to save the day. Let's create this powerhouse blend by combining these essential oils:

Thieves blend: This bad boy, featuring cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary, is renowned for its immune-supporting prowess.

Oregano: This contains lots of antioxidants. It's immune system support at its finest! And digestive support as well!

R.C. blend: Take a deep breath with cypress, spruce, and three types of eucalyptus oil! These give your respiratory and immune systems a high-five.  (Can substitute Raven)

Peppermint: Cool and soothing, peppermint oil will have your congestion crying for mercy while supporting healthy respiratory function.

Frankincense: This versatile oil not only provides immune support, but it also encourages overall wellness. Talk about a double-duty superstar!

Combine 10 drops of Thieves, RC, and Frankincense with 5 drops of Peppermint and Oregano to create this immunity blend.  Keep it in a dark glass roller bottle and fill with a carrier oil and let it work its magic. (Without dilution) Diffuse and cleanse the air and support a healthy immune system all at once! If you prefer a more personal approach, dilute the blend in a carrier oil and apply it to the bottoms of your feet or along your spine for an extra boost.

If you prefer ready made blends, Thieves, Immupower, and RC are some of my favorites!

By incorporating these DIY essential oil blends into our daily routines, we can enhance focus, support emotional well-being, and supercharge our natural defenses. Just remember, essential oils are potent substances, so caution is key. Always conduct a patch test and ensure proper dilution before applying topically. Here's to a successful and balanced school year, filled with vitality and zest!

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How to Get Kids Focused with Holistic Brain-Friendly Foods

How to Get Kids Focused with Holistic Brain-Friendly Foods
 As parents, we strive to give our kids the best tools possible for success. However, sometimes they struggle with their focus in school or their brains can’t seem to get on track. It’s easy to blame the teacher if you send your kids to public school, but we must look at our own actions first. Are you providing your child with the right foods that will help them stay focused throughout the day?  Food is medicine for your body, and breakfast is essential to set up a good learning environment. Read below for some tips on how to get your kids focused with holistic brain-friendly foods. 

Start With Breakfast 
Getting your kids off to a great start begins with breakfast that fuels their minds, not distracts it. Sugary cereals, breads, and processed snacks should be avoided because they lead to an energy boost followed by a crash which can affect concentration levels when learning during the day. Instead of giving them these types of processed cereals for breakfast, feed them whole grains such as oats, millet, or quinoa and add in some nuts and fruits for extra nutrients. Also adding in healthy fats like almond butter can help provide lasting energy throughout the morning hours. 

Incorporate Brain-Boosting Superfoods 
Certain superfoods are known for their ability to improve brain health and functioning in children. Incorporating these into their diets can really help increase focus and concentration levels while also boosting memory recall and cognitive skills. Some examples include blueberries, salmon, chia or flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, walnuts and dark leafy greens like spinach or kale. These are all packed with vitamins and minerals that promote brain health while also providing long-lasting energy without any sugar crashes or spikes which can disrupt concentration levels throughout the day. 
Find Healthy Alternatives To Snacks & Drinks 
Snack time is inevitable but it doesn't have to be unhealthy! Swap out sugary drinks like soda or juice for water or herbal tea. Instead of candy bars opt for slightly sweetened granola bars or trail mix containing dried fruit pieces and nuts such as almonds or walnuts - both great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for optimizing brain functioning in children. If you find your kids reaching for chips try substituting vegetable sticks like carrots, peppers, or celery served with hummus instead - this provides great nutrients AND flavor! And if all else fails chocolate covered nuts are always a great option too!  

Feeding your children brain-friendly foods helps make sure they get off on the right foot each morning at school and is key in helping them stay focused throughout the day despite whatever distractions may occur around them! Start incorporating these holistic approaches into meal planning today so you can rest assured that when it's time to learn they have everything they need inside of themselves (and what's on their plate)to achieve success!

Have picky eaters?  Grab this guide: 7 Strategies to Help Picky Eaters Eat!
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How do I manage my child's ADHD naturally?

How do I manage my child's ADHD naturally?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common condition in children that often continues into adulthood. If you are the parent of a child struggling with ADHD, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to best manage their symptoms. It's even more difficult if you have ADHD and your child has ADHD, too.  The good news is that there are many natural ways you can help your child manage their ADHD (and these work for adults, too!). 

Diet and Supplements for ADHD Management 
One of the most effective ways of managing ADHD is through diet and supplements. A well-balanced diet as found in "Disease Proof Your Child:  Feeding Your Kids Right" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, with plenty of plant-based protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates can help keep your child’s blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, helping them maintain focus and concentration. Adding specific supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and magnesium can also help support the brain as recommended in books like “Healing ADD” by Dr. Daniel Amen. Supporting the gut microbiome with  probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes is also incredibly beneficial for managing ADHD symptoms naturally.  It is essential to remove dyes, fast food, processed food, refined sugars and refined grains from the home.  (Yes, this means no candy!)

Essential Oils for Focus & Calm 
Essential oils have been used for centuries to improve mental clarity and emotional balance. The scents from essential oils move through the olfactory system and go straight to the brain.  For those living with ADHD, diffusing essential oils like vetiver, cedarwood, lavender, peppermint, and frankincense can help immensely with focus, calmness, and sleep while you are healing from the inside out through diet and supplements. These can be applied topically, as well.  Find my "Focus" roller recipe here.  My daughter loves how these oils make a difference for her concentrations levels.  It is best to use these morning and night - breathing for several minutes at a time, and then breathing them during study times.  

Environmental Management & Routines 
Eliminating dyes (especially artificial colors), refined sugar and flour products (like candy bars or white bread), fast food meals or any other processed/junk food from your home will make a huge difference in your child’s behavior and overall health.. Keeping an organized environment with labels on things like drawers and shelves can also be helpful in providing visual cues to help them stay on task throughout the day. Also, establishing a daily routine where expectations stay the same each day helps provide structure so they know what to expect throughout the day which helps alleviate anxiety associated with change or unpredictability.  Finally, lists of daily tasks to be checked off can be very effective to help both parent and child see progress throughout the day.  

 Living with someone who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder does not have to be overwhelming if you take actionable steps towards managing their symptoms naturally through diet changes, specific supplementation as suggested in the books above, using essential oils, eliminating certain dyes, and avoiding refined sugar/flour products & fast food/junk food meals.  You can keep it under control through keeping a clean organized environment, providing visual cues, and maintaining routines that provide structure and predictability throughout each day.  These things will all contribute towards successfully managing your child's ADHD behavior naturally! Taking these proactive steps may seem daunting but trust me when I say it is worth it! As a holistic mom who deals with ADHD in myself and several of my children daily, I understand how difficult this journey can be but I assure you that these strategies work! Good luck!
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How to make a DIY Focus Roller

How to make a DIY Focus Roller
When it's time to take your schoolwork seriously, having a little extra focus can go a long way. That's why I'm going to show you how to make your own focus roller with essential oils. This simple DIY project will help your family stay focused and energized when taking on those tough tasks! 

Let’s start by gathering our supplies. You will need a 10ml glass roller bottle, fractionated coconut oil, and these five essential oils: vetiver, lavender, frankincense, peppermint, and cedarwood. Once you have all of your ingredients gathered together, you can begin creating your powerful focus roller blend! 
Add 5-10 drops of vetiver oil to your roller bottle. Vetiver is known for its calming abilities which can be helpful when trying to focus on a task or activity. Next add 3-5 drops each of lavender and frankincense oil. Lavender has the ability to soothe and relax the mind while frankincense helps promote clarity and alertness. For an extra boost add 2-3 drops each of peppermint and cedarwood oil. Peppermint naturally energizes while cedarwood helps sharpen concentration and mental alertness. Finally, fill the remaining space in the bottle with fractionated coconut oil before replacing the roller top and giving it a good swirl!  
When it's time to use your new focus roller simply apply one drop behind each ear or roll onto the temples as needed throughout the day for an extra boost of energy and concentration! The great thing about this blend is that it's safe enough for children over 2 years old so they can get in on the action too! 
Making your own DIY essential oils focus blend is quick, easy, and affordable - perfect for busy moms looking for natural solutions for their families! With just five essential oils plus some fractionated coconut oil you can create a powerful focus blend that everyone in the family will love using again and again throughout hectic school days or stressful days at work. So don't wait until chaos ensues - grab those ingredients now and make your own DIY focus roller! You'll be glad you did!
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