My Favorite Black Friday Deals!

My Favorite Black Friday Deals!
It's that time of the year again! Time to get your Black Friday deals on everything you love! This Black Friday season, I have seen many amazing deals, some up to 10-80% off! So don't wait around - now is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorite products and save! 

Many have started early!  Sales have already begun!  Need help getting started? We've got you covered. Our black friday deals are easy to find. Shop early and stock up now - the savings can't be beat, and products will go out of stock. 

Young Living Essential Oils
This year, save up to 65% off essential oils, diffusers, supplements, cleaning products and personal care items when you shop at Young Living. With unbeatable prices available on Black Friday, now is the time to stock up and save big!

 Plus, if you're new to essential oils, black Friday is the perfect time to try them out. Treat yourself and your loved ones this holiday season with a wide variety of natural and healthy products from Young Living! Just find "Black Friday" in the menu.  My journey into holistic wellness started with essential oils, and I will never be without them.  

These are some of my favorite staples if you need an idea of some starters:  Ningxia Red,  Mindwise, Life 9, Frankincense, DiGize, EndoFlex, Thieves, Thieves Cleaner. These healthy habits give me energy, strength, and stamina - that I didn't always have.  My go-tos have been self-tested for many years(20 to be exact).

 Find some of my favorites here.  To see all the deals, find Black Friday in the drop down menu.  

Here is a flipbook with the deals.

Tuttle Twins

This year it's their biggest sale ever. They launched their Black Friday sale early to maximize how many people can participate in the event.  Even better, we're providing two different bundle options, each of which will be 75% OFF! Check these out:

Two HUGE bundles, depending on if you want the children's books or eeeevvverrryyyyything.  And the code BFSHIP gets you free shipping, too!
These are my kids' favorites and they teach concepts that can be hard to understand in a fun easy way.  I'd call these stocking stuffers but that'd have to be one MEGA stocking…

Get these deals here.

Dr Fuhrman

From foods and supplements, to books, to weight loss programs, these deals will help you design a plant based lifestyle that transforms your health for the better.  Save up to 50% off on select products! There's even a G-BOMBS Bar sampler to make sure you get your G-BOMBS every day!  Changing the way I eat has been so beneficial for my whole family.

If you are new to plant based nutrition, it's always a good day to start moving toward vibrant health!

Find the deals here.

Thrive Live

I love freeze dried foods as a way of preserving them.  This company has delicious options and if you are looking to stock up on food storage, or just make quick, easy meals - less than 15 minutes for some- check them out!  Click on the Black Friday banner to take advantage of the deals!

Get your food here.

Check My Body Health

Have you wondered what could be wrong, and seem to have issues with inflammation or digestion?  Do you react to some foods, but you've checked for allergies and found none?  Try taking the food sensitivities test!  This was eye opening for me.

Black Friday deals are here and they are taking up to 80% off food sensitivity tests!!  (Check your email receipt for the form to fill out - they do not mail the test to you, you prepare and mail hair samples to them)

Find the deals here.


Amazon has a little of everything and some sweet deals that will be changing as the week goes on!  There is a huge range of products as well as pricing differences, and it's a great time to stock up on Christmas gifts!

Check out the deals here.

Oliver The Ornament

This super cute collection is just for the holidays and teaches kids about kindness, forgiveness and love.  The digital versions include a narration and can be printed!  My. kids love these! The physical copies come with ornaments and are a great way to celebrate the holidays! 

Find them here.

This Black Friday season, with up to 10-80% off select products - don't wait around - now is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorites and save! Happy Black Friday shopping, everyone! 

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20 Creative Christmas Gifts for Homeschool Children and Teens

20 Creative Christmas Gifts for Homeschool Children and Teens
It can be tough to find gifts for homeschooled kids that are both fun and educational. But never fear! I've got you covered with this list of 20 great gift ideas. From learning games to creative art supplies, there's something here for every child or teen. Plus, they're all affordable and easy to find, so you won't have to spend a lot of time or money searching for the perfect present. So whether you're shopping for a child or teen, be sure to check out this list!

1. Learning Games
There are tons of great learning games out there that make education fun! Check out classics like Scrabble or Monopoly, or try something new like Qwirkle or The Settlers of Catan (These are some of our favorites). There are also lots of great card games and board games that can help with math, science, history, and more. Whatever your child's interests are, there's sure to be a learning game that's perfect for them.

2. Art Supplies
Creative kids will love receiving art supplies as a gift! Stock up on crayons, markers, paints, clay, and whatever else your child needs to express their creativity. If you're not sure what they need, a gift card to an art supply store is always a good option. Or you could put together a craft kit with everything they need to make a specific project. Either way, they're sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness!

3. Science Kits
Science lovers will be thrilled to receive a science kit as a gift! There are kits for all kinds of different experiments, so you can choose one that's perfect for your child's interests and abilities. There are kits for Earth ScienceChemistrySTEMGeologyEcosystems, and more!  Plus, it's a great way to get them interested in science and teach them about the scientific method. It might even inspire them to pursue a career in science when they grow up! 

4. Books
Books make the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether your child loves stories about princesses or dinosaurs, there's sure to be a book out there that they'll love. You could even put together a themed book set, like classic literature or folktales from around the world. And don't forget about non-fiction books! They can be just as engaging and informative as fiction books, and your child is sure to learn something new from them.  Holiday books are great, too! These are some favorites for my kids.

5. Puzzles and Brainteasers 
Puzzles and brainteasers are great gifts for kids who love solving problems. They'll have hours of fun trying to put together a difficult puzzle or crack the code on a brainteaser. And you can rest assured knowing that they're also getting some valuable mental exercise in the process! So if you're looking for a gift that's both fun and educational, puzzles and brainteasers are always a safe bet.

6. Educational Toys
 Another great option for gifts are educational toys. These are usually designed for specific age groups and focus on things like colorsshapesnumbersletters, etc. They're perfect for younger children who are just starting to learn these concepts.

7. Educational Subscriptions
There are so many unique subscriptions that encourage learning in a variety of ways.  I love those that help them learn new skills or be creative.  These are two we enjoy all year: Think Outside, Annie’s Kit Clubs. And if your kids like to cook - I'm The Chef, Too!

8. A personalized book 
Give your child the gift of a story this Christmas with a personalized book. There are many great companies that offer this service, and you can find a book for any age group. This is a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

9. A subscription to a kids' magazine
This is a great gift for the young reader in your life. Not only will they enjoy getting their own mail, but they'll also love having something new to read each month.  We like Learn Our History and Tuttle Twins.

10.  Sensory swing 
This swing is great for all kids, but especially if you have a child with special needs.  These allow for a wide range of motion, provide sensory pressure, and help with body balance and awareness.

11. Balls
SoccerBasketball, Football, whichever sport catches their eye.  This gift will keep your kids happy and active and outside!  Many balls have different sizes, so pay attention to the size your child needs.

12. A new bike 
For the active child, nothing beats a new bike! If you're feeling generous, you could even add on some training wheels or a helmet to help them stay safe while they're out riding around. Every child needs a bike at some point in their lives.  Encourage their outdoor activity with this special gift!

13. Essential Oils 
Did you know that there are essential oils specifically designed with kids in mind?  Help bring calmness, focus, and health with these amazing and kid-loved tools, and ease into bedtime with the owl diffuser that has nightlights and music!

14. A karaoke machine
Does your child love singing? If so, they'll love belting out their favorite tunes with their very own karaoke machine or a simple karaoke microphone! This is a great gift for family gatherings or parties with friends. 

15. A pet 
Pets are not only fun but also provide companionship and teach responsibility. If you're considering this option, be sure to do your research beforehand to find the best pet for your child and family situation.   Look for local rescue centers - we have had our little rescue for 13 years and love him!

16. Memberships 
A trip to the zoo, aquarium, national park, museum, or amusement park, or better yet, get the whole family a year’s membership! There's nothing like seeing animals up close and personal, learning about faraway places and history, or just having a blast together as a family! These make great day trips or weekend getaways, depending on how far away you live from these attractions.  The America the Beautiful Pass is great - and if you have a 4th grader - they get a free Every Kid Outdoor Pass.

17. Experiences
Sometimes the best gifts aren't things at all but experiences instead! Tickets to see a movie, play, or concert, or even just a gift certificate for an afternoon at the spa—these are all things that kids will enjoy and remember long after the holidays are over. So think outside the box this year and give your child an experience they'll never forget!  CertifiKid or Groupon are great places to find local experiences at great deals.

18. A special homemade gift
This could be crocheted or knitted, painted or colored, thrown on a potter’s wheel or even baked in an oven.  Get creative with your own talents and make it unique and something they will treasure always.

19.  A warm fuzzy blanket 
Who doesn’t love cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket in the winter? There are so many options and designs that this can be personalized to fit your child’s interests.

20.  Legos 
Legos are hands down, the toy that my kids play with the most.  They love to build and design, and there are so many options depending on their interests!  These keep brains and hands occupied and creative.  

There are tons of great gifts out there for kids! Whether you're looking for something fun or something educational (or both!), be sure to check out this list of 20 great gift ideas. From learning games to science kits to experiences with the whole family, there's something here for every child or teen on your list. These are great for homeschool and public school families alike. And best of all, they're all easy to find! So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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The Top 8 Christmas Gifts for Health-Conscious Moms

The Top 8 Christmas Gifts for Health-Conscious Moms
Looking for the best Christmas gift for a health-conscious mom this year?  You've come to the right place!  Check out the list I've created that are great gifts for your mom or loved one - these things have all made my Christmas list at one time or another!  I thought I would share, as there are many other moms who I'm sure would like the same gifts!  Whether you will shop for yourself (nothing wrong with that) or are shopping for a loved one, I hope that this blog post will help you find the perfect gift!  I'm all about holistic health, and this list includes a wide range of items that will up your health game, help you in the kitchen, or just keep you warm & stylish!

These are my top 8 Christmas gifts for a health-conscious mom!

1.  Ningxia Red This is my favorite drink of all time.  I get this all year round and at Christmas,  I need more energy than usual, therefore, I need more Ningxia!!  This exclusive antioxidant drink is clinically shown to increase physical energy levels, improve sleep patterns, and reduce daily stress.  It does so much more - and what mom doesn't need more energy?  This is a must for any overwhelmed, exhausted mom.

2.  WavWatch  The benefits of healing sound frequencies are many.   Let your mom choose from over 1000 frequencies across common health categories and let it run to gently harmonize with her body.  This watch will be an amazing addition to any mom's self-care arsenal.  Use the code ERIKA100 for $100 off!

3.  I love a good scarf!  I wear them all the time!  This winter, give your mother this Chenille scarf, which is luxuriously soft and available in many colors!  She will stay warm and stylish all winter long.

4.  I like practical gifts, too.  I use light jackets in the spring and fall and this is my favorite.  I like the cut on this jacket and there are good colors to choose from. My favorites are the quilted jackets - they seem to give an extra layer of warmth without being too hot.  More style with practicality as a bonus for mom!

5. For moms who are trying to solve health issues, one thing I have found helpful is this food sensitivities test.  It can help identify some food triggers so you can avoid them.  It's amazing what food can do to both prevent and cause problems.    

6. These stainless steel mixing bowls have great lids and the bottom has a silicone non slip coating.  This is for any mom who likes to be in the kitchen.  They are so versatile!  And with a large family, a large bowl,  is crucial!  Nothing says "I love you" better than chatting in the kitchen while mixing up a batch of chocolate chip cookies!  (You can make healthy cookies, too!)

7.  I have had some fun with fermenting and trying different types of lids.  This gallon fermentation jar with airlock is my favorite! The airlock works so well, I highly recommend it. For a health-conscious mom who wants to try her hand at fermenting, this is a great place to start!  For a smaller start, try these with mason jars.

8.  This diffuser is a great way to combine aromatherapy with sound therapy.  It is a premium diffuser with bluetooth capabilities:  Essential Oil luxury at its finest.  Diffusing essential oils has incredible benefits for both mental and physical health, so gifting a diffuser with the most elegant design is a perfect way to show your loved one how much you care.

Holiday shopping can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.  For a health-conscious mom, there are plenty of great gifts that don't involve unhealthy food or products.  In fact, they will elevate and enhance your loved one's life.  What do you want for yourself this Christmas, moms?  

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