Meet   Erika

I didn't find my voice until several bad experiences with the medical community forced me to stand up for myself.

My roller coaster journey through several health issues was overwhelming and exhausting, leaving me feeling powerless and voiceless.   When health professionals were telling me one thing, but my gut was saying another, I was confused.  

It was a long process, but when I started listening to that voice inside me, I discovered I could be proactive in my health.   I started self-advocating and with God’s help, turned to a path that has led to vibrant health and energy for my whole family!  I also found my voice, confidence, peace, and purpose in helping others along the way.

Are you overwhelmed or exhausted?
Do you feel powerless or voiceless?
Do you or your family members struggle with health on a daily basis?

Drawing on my 23 years of experience, my mission is to empower you with simple self-advocating processes that create true health freedom so you can have the vibrant health and energy you deserve and find peace in your new confidence.

Are you ready to take back your power?
I've got your back! 


Erika is happily married and the proud mom of 7 children.   She grew up in the midwest, and currently lives in Tracy, California.  
She loves gardening, natural medicine, food, reading, writing,  playing board games, animals, music, and dancing.
BA in Comparative Literature from Brigham Young University.
Nutritarian Coaching Certification from Nutritarian Education Institute.
Proponent of self advocacy
Certified Nutritarian Coach
Best-Selling Author 
Publisher & Editor
Course Creator