How Environmental Toxins Cause Inflammation in the Body
We are all exposed to environmental toxins in our everyday life. From the products we use to clean our homes and care for our bodies, to the processed foods we eat and the air we breathe—we are coming into contact with chemicals that can cause inflammation in the body. In this blog post, I’ll break down why environmental toxins cause inflammation and what you can do about it. Let’s get started! 

Personal Care Products and Toxic Ingredients 
The personal care products you use every day may be doing more harm than good. Many popular skincare, haircare, and makeup products contain ingredients that could be causing inflammation in your body. For example, many shampoos contain sulfates which are harsh chemical agents used as foaming agents. These sulfates strip away natural oils from your scalp which can lead to inflammation and other skin issues like dandruff. Similarly, many beauty products contain parabens which are preservatives that prevent bacteria growth but also disrupt hormones which can lead to inflammation. 

Cleaning Products and Toxic Ingredients 
The same is true for cleaning products—many of them contain harsh chemicals like ammonia or chlorine that can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin when inhaled or touched directly. These ingredients may also trigger allergies or asthma attacks if you’re prone to those conditions. But even if you aren't prone to allergies or asthma, these cause issues which to many seem unconnected until the products are removed and other health issues disappear.  These cause so many different problems! 

Air Fresheners
Throw out any and all air freshers, plug-ins, and candles today!  See why here.

Processed Foods and Toxic Ingredients 
Processed foods have long been linked to chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease due to their high amounts of sodium, fat, sugar, and additives like artificial flavors or colors. But what many people don’t realize is that these processed foods also contain hidden toxins like glyphosate which is a weed killer used on genetically engineered crops like corn or soybeans—ingredients found in many processed snacks and meals! Glyphosate has been linked to kidney disease as well as cancer so it's important to read labels carefully when buying food items at the store (or better yet—opt for fresh veggies and other whole foods that do't have a long ingredient list!!).  

No matter where we turn these days it seems like the environment is loaded with toxins that can harm us both physically and mentally; however by making small changes in our everyday lifestyle choices we can reduce our exposure to toxins significantly! Avoiding personal care products with known irritants such as sulfates or parabens; using natural cleaning supplies like Thieves Household Cleaner, vinegar, borax, or baking soda; reading labels carefully when purchasing food items; opting for fresh (organic) produce over processed snacks—these simple adjustments will help keep inflammation at bay while still allowing us to enjoy life's little luxuries! By taking an active role in managing our exposure to environmental toxins we can all make a difference in reducing inflammation in ourselves as well as future generations!
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