Pollen Allergies: What Happens in Your Body?

For moms, having allergies yourself, or having a child with allergies can be a real challenge. When it comes to seasonal allergies caused by pollen, it's not just about sneezing and itchy eyes—it's about understanding what happens in the body and how to provide natural relief. Let's dive into the science behind pollen allergies and explore some holistic remedies for treating them.

Let's start with the basics: what happens in the body when you have a pollen allergy? Essentially, your immune system overreacts to the presence of pollen and acts like it's a harmful invader. This triggers the production of IgE antibodies, which attach to mast cells in the nose, eyes, and lungs. When pollen enters the body again, it binds to these antibodies and triggers the release of histamine and other chemicals. This leads to inflammation, which causes the familiar symptoms of allergies.  Eyes: Itchy, watery, swollen, red. Nose: post-nasal drip, itchy, swollen, runny, sneezy. Ears, itchy, wet. Lungs, coughing, itching, tightening  or asthma. Skin: rashes/hives, swelling, itching. Overall:  irritability, fatigue, brain fog, and more.

If you or your child have pollen allergies, you've probably experienced some of these symptoms firsthand. But did you know that the severity of your reaction can depend on a few factors? For example, the type and amount of pollen you're exposed to can make a difference, as can your overall health, and levels of inflammation and stress. It's important to keep track of your symptoms and triggers so you can better manage your allergies.

So, what can you do to relieve pollen allergy symptoms naturally? As a holistic mom, your first instinct might be to turn to herbs and supplements. And while these can be helpful, there are some even simpler steps you can take. For example, washing your hair and clothes after spending time outdoors can help remove pollen from your body. You can also use a neti pot or squeeze bottle to rinse your nasal passages, which can reduce congestion and inflammation. Find more hacks here.

Of course, there are plenty of herbs and supplements that can support immune function and reduce inflammation. Some popular options for pollen allergies include quercetin, stinging nettle, and butterbur. These can be taken in supplement form or brewed into teas or tinctures.  Find more natural remedies here.

Pollen allergies may be a common problem, but that doesn't mean they're something you have to live with. By understanding what happens in your body when you're exposed to pollen, you can better manage your symptoms and find natural relief. By combining herbs, supplements, or simple lifestyle changes, there are plenty of options for holistic moms looking to support their families' health. So, take a deep breath and know that there are solutions out there for you.

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