The Best Daily Self Care Rituals for Moms Part 2
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As moms, we are often so focused on caring for our families and taking care of responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves. But if you want to stay healthy and balanced, it is important to practice self care every day. Here are three of the best daily self care rituals for moms that can help you feel more centered and energized.

Taking a few moments out of your day to engage in prayer or meditation can help you clear your head, reduce stress and anxiety, and find inner peace. Prayer is a powerful way to connect with something greater than yourself and draw strength from the divine source. And meditation can be an effective tool in calming your mind while also allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom.  I always recommend journaling along with meditation and prayer to process your thoughts and inspiration.

Essential Oils 
Essential oils have been used for centuries as a holistic remedy for many ailments, but they can also be used as part of a daily self-care ritual. A few drops of essential oil on the wrist or neck can provide aromatherapy benefits that bring about relaxation, reduce stress levels, and even boost mental clarity. Additionally, essential oils can be diffused throughout the day to create a calm atmosphere in your home.

Exercise is not only good for physical health; it’s great for mental health too! Studies have shown that regular exercise can lead to improved cognitive functioning, better moods, improved sleep quality, reduced stress levels, increased energy levels, and improved overall wellbeing. My favorite is dance fitness/zumba - I love to rock it out! Taking just 30 minutes out of your day to go for a walk or jog or do some yoga or stretching exercises can make all the difference!

Self care rituals don't have to be complicated or time consuming; they just need to be meaningful enough so that they become habitual practices within your daily routine. Meditation/prayer, essential oils, and exercise are all great ways to find balance in life as a mom – even if it’s just 10 minutes each day devoted solely towards taking care of yourself! When we take time out for ourselves every day – no matter how small – it helps us show up as our best selves for our families and ourselves!
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