The best way to set sustainable goals
As a Certified Nutritarian Coach, one of the first things I do with my clients is to set reasonable health goals. Sometimes I find that my clients are so excited to move forward that they want to set a lot of big goals right at first, however, this is not usually successful.
As a society, we joke about the failure of “New Year’s Resolutions.” So many of us set big goals at the beginning of the year and then give up after two weeks because we set either too many goals at once or goals that were unrealistic. This becomes overwhelming and unsustainable without major support. Setting small attainable goals with weekly accountability is the key to success.

 After setting your overarching long term goal: 
1. Get your mindset in a good place. (Believing you can do something is the first step.) 
2. Set a goal that is small enough to complete in one week. (You can do anything for a short time.) 
3. Set a goal that is personally attainable. (Be honest with yourself. If 10 minutes of exercise is all you can do per day the first week, then great!) 
4. Get your family on board. (Although not absolutely necessary, family support really helps with success.) 
5. Have a coach or accountability partner for a weekly check in. (Having someone to talk to who keeps you on track helps motivate you when it gets tough.) 
6. Keep track on paper, in a journal, or on a chart. (This only takes a few minutes, but makes a huge difference in success.) 
7. Set a small reward that does not undermine the goal. (i.e. if the goal is to cut refined sugars, a piece of candy is not a good reward.) 
8. When setbacks happen, recommit. (Give yourself grace and keep going! One slip up does not equal failure.) 

By setting a small goal each week, it is much easier to attain your long term goal one step at a time. Even with setbacks, you can get back on track easily. It is better to set small goals that are achievable and have success than to be defeated by big goals that were unrealistic. Making changes in your health can be difficult, but it is possible, and I have seen amazing transformations with just one change per week as my clients have moved to healthier lifestyles that result in more energy, more clarity of thought, less health issues, less medication, and an overall feeling of well-being. 

What areas should I set goals in?  Find out here.

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