I spent the day with Patriots

Credit for the photo in the above video: Carli Folsom
Speaker:  Dr. James Neuenschwander, MD

On September 8th, I drove up to Sacramento with thousands of other Californians.  The reason?  Freedom.  

After reading through amendments to bills AB 455 and AB 1102 which mandate Covid 19 vaccines for all Californians 12 and older and restrict their movement in society as well as their jobs and amends discrimination laws to allow for these mandates, I could not be silent.  These bills go against the constitutional rights of millions of Americans.  

What ever happened to "my body, my choice?"  

This is not a one size fits all situation.  This is an unprecedented and slippery slope of government overreach.     There is so much wrong with this, including the over 13,000 deaths already reported from the vaccines.  This is the most dangerous vaccine we have ever seen!  In the past, less than 50 deaths warranted the vaccine to be pulled from use.  Why is it ok to allow this many deaths?  

There are alternatives, but these things are being censored left and right.  I have been involved with ex-vaxxers for many years due to vaccine injury in my family.  These last few years have been extremely concerning as I have watched friends and acquaintances get their social media profiles cancelled due to censorship, and have watched the government overreach again and again.

I was full of emotion to see many in attendance who had never been involved before.  Some of us have been involved for many years in fighting against poor legislation and mandates.  But now, this involves more than just children.   This will affect half of the population and strip families of their livelihoods and their ability to exist in society.  

With the President's announcement of more mandates on a federal level, he mentioned that his patience was wearing thin.  Excuse me?   Since when does another person or government have the right to tell me how to care for my body?  I choose natural means and haven't been sick at all.  I have no need for a vaccine with such a high death rate.  

Photo credit:  thehighwire.com

The last time I checked, the government could not go against the constitution.  I have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  Since this vaccine has a high rate of death, I have the God-given, constitution protected right to refuse, as it could very well take my life.  I choose to pursuit happiness by using natural means to strengthen my immune system.  My right to liberty equals my right to choose when it comes to my body.    

Whether individuals choose to vaccinate or not is irrelevant.  The right to choose must be protected.  We must NEVER be coerced into a medical procedure.  Everyone needs to stand up for our freedom to choose!   What will you do?  Will you remain silent or will you rock the boat with me? 

See full video footage of the day at thehighwire.com.

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