I use this cleaner for my whole house!
Are you tired of using harsh cleaning products that can harm your health, increase inflammation, and even worsen indoor air pollution? Say hello to Thieves Household Cleaner, the all-natural solution to your cleaning woes! Made by Young Living, a company dedicated to producing essential oils for various purposes. This cleaner contains a powerful blend of essential oils including cinnamon, rosemary, and clove that work together to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and harmful microbes from your surfaces.

Conventional cleaning products that contain toxins like phthalates, triclosan, and formaldehyde can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, and even cancer. Additionally, these chemicals can contribute to indoor air pollution, which can have severe health effects. Unlike conventional cleaners, Thieves Household Cleaner relies on trusted plant-based ingredients that are safe and gentle on your skin and respiratory system. You can use it to clean and disinfect any surface in your home, from kitchen counters to bathroom fixtures and even floors!  From general cleaning tasks to stubborn stains that just won't budge, Thieves Household Cleaner can handle it all. It saves you a ton of $$$ that you would have spent on other nasty, chemical-laden cleaners. This also means that you can use one cleaner to clean your entire home, rather than having to buy a separate cleaner for each specific area or surface.

Thieves Household Cleaner is not only effective at cleaning surfaces, but it also leaves a pleasant, natural scent. The essential oils used in the cleaner provide a refreshing and natural fragrance from essential oils, which can help to boost your mood and improve the overall ambiance of your home.  It's one of my favorite scents - I've been using it for over 15 years!

So, don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of Thieves Household Cleaner! Detoxify your home the natural way and enjoy a safer, more effective, and more pleasant cleaning routine.  The natural ingredients in the cleaner work together to eliminate harmful pathogens from surfaces, while also providing a safe and effective alternative to conventional cleaning products.  But don't just take it from me! If you're ready to ditch those harsh "off the shelf" cleaners and go green, try Thieves Household Cleaner today, and see how it works for you!
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