Review of The Bar Method (Tracy)
I have been looking for a place to help me level up my fitness and I found one!  It's fairly new to Tracy, CA, but there are many locations across the U.S. and Canada.  If you are ready to get fit(and you have one nearby),  look no further than The Bar Method! This exercise studio combines ballet, Pilates, and yoga elements for a low-impact workout that's designed to sculpt your entire body. They have several different types of 60 minute classes to choose from.  Bar Method, Bar Method Cardio, Bar Flow, Bar Advanced, Bar Restore 30/30 (30 min workout/30 min stretch). They have 45 minute Express classes, and will add Restore 15 on the end of some of these with stretching. They also offer different workshops - so watch for those!

With its knowledgeable instructors, modern facilities, and welcoming atmosphere - you'll be sure to reach your fitness goals in style. Whether you're just starting out or looking for something more advanced - The Bar Method has the perfect class suited just for you!  Everyone I've talked with at the studio loves the classes.  TheBar Method even make it easy to reserve your spots with an app that's simple to use.  And they have a cute fitness shop at the front as well - I would recommend the socks with grip (you workout in your sock feet). 

I've been attending classes for the last 2 weeks, and it's kicking my butt in a good way!  I was a little concerned about my previously injured shoulder (falling in an ice rink really did me in), but instead of aggravating the injury, I am feeling stronger and having less pain.  That was a fantastic surprise for me!  Beware of sore muscles, you will work every muscle you didn't know you had. 😂 I love the added benefit of better posture.  So many of us sit at desks and have neck or back pain because of poor posture, and the instructors are very good at helping you to be in good form so you strengthen your muscles and prevent injury.   I have found myself standing straighter and self correcting my posture at home!

The Bar Method Tracy will keep me coming back for more!  I love the uplifting supportive community among the members & instructors! So if you want to take your exercise practice up a notch in a positive atmosphere, there's no better place than the Bar Method Tracy.  They even have a fabulous deal to get started.  Get ready... it’s time to "embrace the shake" with this high energy approach!
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