Seasonal Tips for Stress-Free Holidays
If you have ever sat thinking about upcoming events or seasons and have felt the stress rising even before the stress comes, this is for you!!

Don't give up before the season starts!  
Try these tips to lessen stress and feel more peace!  


Prepare Ahead of Time

Write out your budget and stick to it.  This will alleviate stress in the moment when you are trying to make decisions. 
Prioritize all holiday activities.  What events most important to you?  Make sure you schedule these first.  It is ok not to go to ALL the things.  Having your priorities straight and even reducing the number of activities will do a lot to reduce your stress.
Schedule time to relax.  In a season with little down time, MAKE the time!  Your body and mind will be able to take the break they need to let go of stress.
Schedule immediate family time to laugh and play.  One of the best remedies for stress is laughing with family. In the end, your family is the most important priority.  
Make lists of people for gifts & cards, menus, supplies, etc.  Get all your ducks in a row.  Make all your lists so you remember everything you need in each scenario.  Less stress, more peace!

Keep Healthy Habits

Make healthy food choices.  Even with all the sugary treats and feasting indulgences, you can make good choices and limit consumption of unhealthy options.  When bringing food to an event, make a healthy option.   Unhealthy food choices stress our bodies out making us more likely to get sick, so making the best choices will remove that stressor. 
Keep exercising.  This may not be the time to start a new regimen, but continue your exercise routine and keep moving.  Exercise is known to alleviate stress and help us feel good. 
Keep spiritual practices.  Reading scripture, prayer, and mediation are all known to lower stress levels.   Keep going with these habits to stay centered and at peace.
Keep using essential oils.  There are so many essential oils that help reduce stress levels and help us relax. Some of my favorites are  Lavender Stress Away, and  Peace & Calming.  Others help with the feelings of the season like  Gratitude Christmas SpiritFrankincense, Myrrh, Joy Cinnamon Bark, and  Orange

Embrace Emotions & Family

Know that it is ok to feel a range of feelings during the holidays.  With missing loved ones, past trauma, current situations that are not ideal, or a myriad of other reasons, we may feel other emotions besides gratitude, peace, love, and joy.  Accept these emotions, acknowledge them, as this will lower the stress we feel at feeling the "wrong" emotions at this time.  However, do your best not to dwell in the lower frequency emotions.  
Focus on Gratitude and Love.  You can find joy and happiness in the little things.  Keeping an attitude that focuses on the good relieves stress and raises our frequency, which helps us feel good. 
Gracefully navigate family situations with a focus on the good.  Family is wonderful!  But not every minute is wonderful.  Remembering to focus on long term relationships, forgiveness and love goes a long way to reducing stress.  
Keep family connections strong, whether in person or via phone or video chats.  Loving family relationships help alleviate stress in many ways.  

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  1. I Love all your Wonderful, Great blogs! They are very helpful and knowledgeable! You are an amazing writer! Love you. Sonja
    Erika Harston Noll AUTHOR  11/20/2022 01:07 AM Central
    Thank you, Sonja, you are so sweet! 💕 I am glad they are helpful!

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