Miracle Morning
Have any of you had the same experience?  Back in March, when everything shut down, I treated the first week or so as a vacation - we chilled, no big deal.  Then distance learning started, and with 5 kids in public education, and homeschooling 1, I got super stressed, overwhelmed, depressed.  I'm not going to lie, there were tears, lots of them.  I stopped exercising, stopped some of the self care I normally did - wore the same clothes more than one day.  I missed everyone I normally hung out with, but didn't do much reaching out.  Not such a pretty picture.  I was pretty low.
Once school was done, I started gradually doing some of my normal stuff - gradually.  Then I picked up this book, the Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod.  It spoke to me!  I started exercising again, I started getting up at 6 am to do the Miracle Morning.  If you know me and my struggle with CFS, you know that is huge!  I am drinking my Ningxia like it's going out of style, and doing a few other things to support my health, and I am feeling amazing!   I am in such a better place emotionally!  

So . . .  I've always loved reading (my degree is in Comparative Literature), and I have almost always been a part of an in person book club.  Next month, I am starting an online book club - and we will start with this book!  I am sure there are others who can benefit from the Miracle Morning.  If you have felt any of what I felt during the last 6 months, you will find help with this!   If you would like to participate, email me at holisticsupermom@gmail.com for details!  I will run it via zoom, and would love to have a bunch of moms join in!  With school starting soon, we need all the help we can get!!   Start date TBD.

Grab the book here!  


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