Performance Jitters

I have been performing my violin since I was 6 years old but I have only had stage fright since I became an adult.  I usually feel fine until I'm on stage and then I start sweating and shaking with anxiety.  I always wonder if people can see my knees knocking together.  I know my tone suffers when my hands shake because my bow shakes, too.  I am so happy now that I have found a few things that actually help me settle down!  I feel so much more calm when I use these things along with deep breathing.  

My favorite oils for nervous jitters before a musical performance or public speaking:


Peace & Calming


Stress Away

Here's a video of me at the Beauty School talent show hosted at the Young Living Highland Flats farm in Idaho just for fun!

Essential oils are the best thing I have found to help with emotions.  I apply them liberally a half hour before, and then again right before my performance time.  I breathe them all.  I also like to put Frankincense on my head, Valor on the back of my neck, Stress Away on my wrists, and Peace & Calming on my heart.      

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