What Mom Burnout Feels Like
Moms are superheroes. They juggle so much that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the balls they’re trying to keep in the air. But one thing is for certain, mom burnout is real and can affect even the most capable of moms. So, what does it feel like? Let’s find out.

Numbness & Exhaustion
Mom burnout often feels like a fog of numbness and exhaustion. You may feel as if you have nothing left to give, but you know that there is still more to do – laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and more. It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done and the lack of energy you have to get them done.

Anxiety & Self-Doubt
Mom burnout doesn't just take a toll on your physical and emotional health; it can also affect your mental health too. It can leave you feeling anxious and full of self-doubt, like no matter what you do it will never be enough or good enough. You may also be struggling with feelings of guilt or shame for not being able to “do it all” or handle your responsibilities with ease.

Anger & Resentment
Finally, mom burnout can lead to feelings of anger and resentment towards those around you – your spouse, family members, or even yourself. You may find yourself snapping at people for no reason or feeling frustrated by their inability (or unwillingness) to help out or understand how hard this parenting gig really is. Even if you don't outwardly express these feelings, they may still linger inside and contribute to your overall sense of exhaustion and overwhelm.

Mom burnout is real and it looks different for everyone who experiences it. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, know that you're not alone in feeling this way - many moms have been there before! Remember that taking care of yourself first will help you better take care of your family in the long run - so make sure to make time for yourself whenever possible! By practicing self-care activities such as yoga, meditation, or taking a break from social media for a few days each week – whatever works best for YOU –you’ll soon be back on the path towards feeling like Supermom once again!  

Here are some other ways to refresh and recharge.
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