Silence the Racing Brain to Get a Good Night's Sleep
We've all been there. You're trying to get to sleep but your mind is running a million miles an hour. It's like your brain is running a race, and it's hard to shut it off as you are staring off into the darkness. Whether you're worrying about the day that just passed or anxiously anticipating the day ahead, it can be difficult to drift off into dreamland when your thoughts are spiraling out of control. Here are some tips on how to calm your racing brain and ensure that you get a good night's sleep.

Drink Ningxia Red During the Day
Ningxia Red is a delicious, nutrient-dense drink made with wolfberry puree, and other super fruits like blueberry, pomegranate and other natural ingredients. This drink packs a powerful punch of antioxidants and minerals that help nourish your body while calming your mind. Enjoy Ningxia Red in the morning or afternoon for added energy, and its benefits last as it also enhances your relaxation so you get better sleep.  I was surprised at the sleep benefits of this drink because I got it specifically for it’s energy boosting power.  But it packs a punch for both!

Diffuse Essential Oils
Essential oils are incredibly versatile tools for calming an overactive mind. Try diffusing essential oils such as Lavender, Peace & Calming or Stress Away for added relaxation benefits at bedtime. I have used each of these in turn.  If I just generally need relaxation, I use Lavender, if I’m feeling anxious about the next day, I use Peace & Calming, if I am super tense and stressed out, I use Stress Away. If diffusing isn't an option for you, apply the oil topically on the bottoms of your feet or behind your ears for similar effects.  You can also make a room spray with some witch hazel and a few drops of essential oil.  

Journal Your Thoughts
When our minds become overwhelmed with thoughts it can be helpful to write them out on paper instead of trying to keep them in our heads. When we take these swirling thoughts from our heads and put them down on paper they become tangible items that we can address one by one instead of leaving us feeling like we're spinning out of control mentally. Journaling is also therapeutic because it allows us to find creative solutions to our problems that we may not have thought of before writing them out on paper. This has been so helpful for me and I often use this for ideas that pop into my head at all hours of the night. Once it is written down, my brain can rest.

Finally, try praying before bedtime. Prayer offers comfort during difficult times and can help clear away mental clutter so that you can relax enough to drift off into dreamland peacefully. Even if prayer isn't part of your regular practice this could be a great time to start! Quieting the mind through prayer can be incredibly effective in helping reduce stress and anxiety so that you can get some much needed restful sleep each night without any racing brain chatter interruptions!     Plus, prayer helps us remember to stay thankful even in moments when our minds feel overwhelmed by worry or fear - which often leads us naturally into relaxation and peace! So give yourself permission tonight (or every night!) to take some time for yourself - and then let go and let God - knowing that He will provide what you need both today and tomorrow!

A racing brain makes it difficult to fall asleep at night. If you find yourself struggling to silence your thoughts, give one of these four methods a try. These are my tried and true solutions and they make bedtime so much better! Ningxia Red helps relax your body and mind, while diffusing essential oils like lavender creates a calming environment in your bedroom. You may also benefit from journaling your thoughts before bedtime and/or spending a few minutes in prayer. With consistency and patience, you can train your brain to quiet down so you can get the restful sleep you need.  It is a journey, and some days will be more difficult than others, but getting a good night’s rest is possible!  

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