5 Things Do When Life Gets Tough

Life has its ups and downs.   We all experience joy and sorrow, health and sickness or pain, stress and calm, confusion and focus.  I have experienced all of these things at one time or another over the years and I have learned coping skills for the times when things are down.  

1.  Turn to God for help.
       God is number one for me.  I pray and ask for His guidance every day.  During hard times, I truly rely on Him.  I love to read His word and then journal my thoughts and feelings.  Forming a habit of creating time for God each day will make it natural to turn to Him when times are hard and I know He hears and answers prayers.  

2.  Choose to focus on the good and be grateful.
       Sometimes when we are in a really low time, it is so difficult to see anything good.  We have to work consciously on finding the good, even if the things we find are small or generic.  Shifting focus to gratitude raises our frequency and enables us to be lifted emotionally.  An attitude of gratitude brings joy to everyone even and especially in difficult circumstances.

3.  Ask for and accept help when needed.
      It is ok to ask for help.  It is ok to accept help.  Moms, especially, are givers by nature and desire to be on the giving end of service usually.  That is good, but when is it your turn?  Let others help you!  If they do not know your situation, reach out to ask for the help you truly need.  When others offer help, let them, accept it.  You will both be blessed!

4.  Be willing to work through your emotions.
      Moms often stuff emotions to be able to function for our kids.  This coping mechanism is only good short term so we don't break down in an undesirable location or time.  It is essential to take the time when you are emotionally safe to let the feelings out and to work through them.  Journalling is a fantastic tool for this  and I have found essential oils are extremely beneficial to help release emotions so you can let things go.

5.  Know that you are the only person you can change.
      When sorrows are due to other's behavior, know that you cannot change them, but you can change yourself.  You can work on your attitude, your acceptance of the other person, or you can work on knowing when to remove yourself from a situation that is harmful.  In many cases, when health is causing your sorrows, know that there are things you can do to improve your outcomes with natural solutions like diet, exercise, and natural remedies.  Effort may be required, but isn't your health worth it?  

Check out this podcast I did a few months ago on loving yourself.   I talk more about how I take time with God each day.

Find prayer journals with or without Bible verses here.  These can help you turn to God and focus on the good!

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