5 tips to Live Life to the Fullest
Doesn't every mom want to live life to the fullest?!  So what stops us?  
For me it was when I was living in survival mode and dragging with super low energy.   It is impossible to live a full life while in survival mode.  So I went searching for some options to flip the switch for me.    
Some days are extra tiring.  And when you have little ones, a lot of hard work, or illness, you really feel it.  I still remember feeling like I was in a fog and when I stepped out of the fog, I literally looked back and thought, "Wow!  I can't believe how tired I was!"  

 5 tips for Living Life to the Fullest

1.  Sleep 7-8 hours
I know!  This is impossible during some stages in motherhood.  Do your best, take naps if possible, and ask for help!  Also, go to bed!!  Don't stay up late watching TV or scrolling social media!  Your body and your family will thank you.

2. Stay hydrated and drink Ningxia Red for an extra energy boost
So many of us walk around chronically dehydrated.  This is a place for headaches, low energy, overeating, and it stresses all our organs.  We need water, especially.  Foods that have high water content like fruits and vegetables help, as well.  Ningxia Red is full of nutritious fruit, and no matter how messed up your system is, your body can use its amazing goodness!  It is like Energizer batteries for my body, I just keep going, and going, and going!  

3.  Eat a salad every day
It is really amazing what nutrition does for our bodies.  We need so many nutrients and the Standard American Diet (SAD) does not provide them!  Salads are a simple way to bring in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds that feed your cells!  I felt a big difference when I started eating salads every day. (And it helps things move along, too!)

4.  Essential Oils
These help both physically and emotionally.  There are so many that support our bodies.  Some of my favorites for physical support are the vitality oils: Peppermint, DiGize, EndoFlex, Copaiba, and Thieves.  Some of my favorites for emotional support are Lavender, Stress Away, Joy, Magnify Your Purpose, and Transformation.   Find these here.   See the video below for a great essential oil recipe in a capsule!  (Some also like to use this recipe topically.)

5.  Exercise
This seems counterintuitive if you are tired, but exercise helps with both emotional and physical energy.  If you are like me and need others to exercise with, get into a gym or a group in your area that will support you!  You will feel energized and will build and maintain stamina with a fit body!   If you are near me, check out my FB group for our workouts.

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