A while back, I was having some major digestive issues.  When I would eat, I would feel unwell in my stomach - no matter what the food was, and I would have cramps in my intestines - some foods causing worse cramps than others (Corn/wheat).  I tried so many things to help, but nothing seemed to ease the discomfort.  I started avoiding certain foods, but eventually almost everything caused discomfort, and it got to the point that I dreaded eating, and stop eating a variety of foods.  I knew that wasn't healthy, but it seemed that almost everything was making me sick!
Then I was introduced to 3 things:  essential oils,  probiotics and enzymes.   To say these were lifesavers is an understatement!  I will never be without them again!!  I'll discuss essential oils and probiotics in another post - today I am going to focus on enzymes.  

So what are enzymes? 
-  Enzymes are a type of protein that creates a chemical reaction to break down food, destroy toxins, and even build muscles. 
-  Enzymes are sensitive to heat, disease/illness, pH, and chemicals/medications - meaning they are easily destroyed.  
-  Enzymes are produced in the mouth(salivary glands), stomach, pancreas, and small intestine mainly.
-  Enzymes are present in raw, organic fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Why do we need enzymes?  
-  Lack of enzymes (both in diet and those produced by the body) leads to fermentation and putrefaction of undigested food.    This rotting material gets into the bloodstream and can cause a wide variety of health issues. 
-  As we age, our body's enzyme production is reduced, leading to less than optimal digestion
-  Raw/fermented foods and supplements with enzymes ease stress on the body by reducing the workload and energy needed for digestion

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