Lavender Banana Bread Recipe

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of baking banana bread.   You can smell it, right?  Our noses (olfactory systems) are amazing!  Could you see your mom's or grandma's kitchen?  How did you feel?   Our sense of smell is linked directly to the part of our brain that controls both memory and emotion.  When we smell something familiar, we can immediately remember where we were and how we felt the last time we smelled that aroma (or stench!).  Baking bread is something that takes me back to my mom's kitchen.  I feel happy, and contented, and my saliva starts flowing in anticipation!  I never get a picture of my bread because it disappears too fast!  One day I will capture it.  I added Lavender Vitality essential oil to my mother’s delicious banana bread recipe, so now, the scent of lavender fills my home along with the wonderful banana bread scent.

Lavender blueberry banana bread

1 cup butter- softened

1 ½ cup sugar

3 eggs


6 tablespoons milk

2 -3 mashed bananas – add applesauce to equal 2 cups


4 cups flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt


add 1 cup blueberries

4 drops lavender vitality essential oil

mix gently.

Butter and flour bread pans

Bake 350 1 hour until knife comes out clean

(darker pans cook faster)


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