The Truth About Finding Joy in the Darkness is an epic collaboration between nineteen women spanning across four decades of wisdom. These women have faced crippling circumstances but somehow found joy in and through them.

If you are ready to be inspired in a way you never thought possible then this book is for you. From multi millionaires to stay at home moms, the stories in this book will inspire you to believe you were made for more. Overcoming darkness whether it be through illness, loss, violence, or grief means that you are a conqueror and we celebrate you. May the stories in this collaboration remind you that you are never alone.

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"How to Self Advocate in a Medical Situation:
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Erika Harston Noll has had several health challenges that knocked her off her feet. It became clear to her early on in her adult life that natural medicine and alternative therapies were the path that she should take. Holistically approaching health has led to the best outcome in each case. 

Through the years, she has developed skills in advocating for herself and others, supporting health with natural medicine and nutrition, and creating a healing home. She teaches other moms to do the same in her Facebook Group, Holistic Super Moms. Erika grew up in Illinois and is raising her family in California. She is happily married with 7 children. Erika has a bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature, is a Certified Nutritarian Coach, and has spent many years researching and implementing holistic approaches to health. She loves baking sourdough bread, preparing delicious plant based meals, gardening, animals, music, dancing, writing, editing, reading, homeschooling, and playing board games with her children.

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