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Here is what you will learn in this course:

How to interact with birth professionals.

How to advocate for yourself and your baby.

How to eat and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

How to prepare your body and mind for your birth.

How to create your ideal birth plan and implement it successfully.

Alternative options for use during both pregnancy and birth that many birth professionals do not know or will not tell you.

Side effects of the different options that are usually offered without INFORMED consent.

That it is possible to have a stress free birth! 

And much more!

You and your baby are worth having a stress free birth.

My eyes welled up with love and joy
as I studied every feature on her face.
She was perfect.   Tiny.   A little piece of me.
The whole birth experience was beautiful, 
calm, and enlightening.
For 9 months I had dreamed of this,
and now I knew for sure.
My body knew exactly what to do!
I was made to do this!  
Birth didn't have to be a
scary, painful, traumatic event. 
Just the opposite!
It could be the most empowering
 day of a mother's life!
This was not my first birth, but it was 
the start of something wonderful.
A mission to tell other women 
they could do it, too!

Start your pregnancy journey with a peaceful birth in your mind.  



First Trimester

Second Trimester

Third Trimester

Birth Plan



First 24 hours

Special Concerns

More modules are being added soon.

Lifetime access - you can come back to review before your next birth, too!

Are you ready to have the birth of your dreams without stress?

This course will bring you peace of mind as you prepare!

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About me
Birth is a miraculous blessing!  I am the mother of 7 children.   As you will learn in this course, I went from a passive, naive new mom to an empowered self advocate.  For many years, I have been sharing with many other moms all the things I learned in my experience, and have helped many become their own self advocates and have the birth of their dreams.  My desire is to reach more moms so they can be stress free, empowered, and have the most wonderful experience with their births!