Pet Moms!  Secrets for no more stress!

I have always had dogs.  They are great companions!  
I have raised some from puppies, and some I have rescued.

At present, I am the mom of a rescue dog, Chico.  
Rescue dogs all come with a unique set of issues.  

One issue that has existed across the board in my experience has been anxiety.  
Whatever background these dogs have come from, they have triggers that make them super stressed out.  

I have found some useful strategies for all dog moms to use when their pets get overly anxious and stressed out.

Things you can learn:

Solutions to reduce stress & anxiety and increase contentment.

Techniques that not only relax, but increase comfort, connection, circulation, lymphatic flow, and detoxification.  

Solutions for common everyday issues that save you $$ and reduce the need to visit the vet for every little thing. 

20 years experience with essential oils and application techniques with dogs, horses, and rabbits.  

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