My Favorite Books 

to Create a Successful 

Young Living Business

I am always reading and I absolutely love learning constantly!  
Here is a collection of some of the books that have brought me value - I hope they bring you value, too!

I would love to hear how you love these books, too.  
I am always learning, so let me know if you have a book you love, too - I will check it out!

Non- Branded Books

This teaches goal setting and how to reach completion on those goals.  This is a must for any business person.  


Relationships are what this business is all about, yet so many have a hard time connecting with others.  This is great for helping learn fundamental skills of being a real friend!


This journal is amazing at helping with laser focus to plan out your daily/monthly goals and activities!
I have a hard time focusing on any one thing at a time and this planner is a lifesaver!  It keeps me on track so I don't forget the important things in my life!


If you have a hard time getting up in the morning, or being productive, this is a great book!  
I was never a morning person until I read it, in fact, I would regularly sleep past my alarm, hitting snooze multiple times.   Now I get up early on a regular basis!  I even get up before my alarm!  

Young Living Branded Books

Learn to find your audience and build a brand that they find attractive!  I have enjoyed Lindsay's no nonsense approach to building Young Living.  She has definitely built an empire and who better to learn from than  someone at the top!


This is great for those just starting out.  It is full of education and simple items to do to help share and build a team in Young Living.  I have really enjoyed Sarah's education classes which she offers free as well.  


This is full of practical ways to build a Young Living Business.  It is full of all the basics and great for someone just starting.  


YL specific IPA's (Income Producing Activities)!  This has been so great for me when I didn't know what else I could do to help my business grow!  Fantastic!

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