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5 week Parenting class 

Have you ever felt trapped in the never ending cycle of disagreements over homework, bargaining for chores, and battling over your kids' screen time? Do you find yourself exhausted, playing the role of a referee in your own home, with the desperate need to raise your voice just to be heard?

You're not alone. Many parents have encountered these challenges, and it's completely natural to feel overwhelmed in the face of these struggles. The constant tug-of-war between parental expectations and the desire for a harmonious home environment can leave you feeling drained and disheartened.

Transform Your Life With Love and Logic

Here's the silver lining: there is a way out of this cycle, a path that leads to a calmer, happier home life. By addressing these common parenting dilemmas through proven strategies and effective communication techniques, you can break free from the exhausting patterns that may be holding you back.

Imagine a home where conflicts are resolved with ease, where mutual respect and understanding prevail over constant strife. Envision a space filled with learning, caring, and shared responsibilities, fostering a sense of joy and connection within your family. The solution lies in acquiring the tools and knowledge to navigate these challenges, allowing you to reclaim the joy of parenting and cultivate a home environment that aligns with your aspirations for your family.

Embark on a transformative journey that promises not just a shift in your parenting dynamics but also a redefinition of the parent-child relationship.  

Join our revolutionary 5-week Love and Logic class designed to empower parents like you! Break free from the cycle, and let's pave the way together for a more serene and fulfilling family life. 

You deserve it, and your family deserves it.

Uncover Solutions to Everyday Parenting Challenges:
- Learn how to foster a calmer, happier home environment.
- Break free from the patterns of yelling, nagging, guilt, and frustration.
- Cultivate an atmosphere filled with learning, caring, and mutual respect.

Great News for Early Adopters!
When parents start Love and Logic early in their children's lives, they dramatically up the odds that the teenage years will be fun instead of frantic. It also creates kids who'll begin school ready to learn instead of ready to drive their teachers batty.

Unlike other parenting and classroom management courses, Love and Logic stands out because:
- It's fun and entertaining, keeping you engaged throughout the journey.
- Equips you with practical tools that can be applied immediately.
- Demonstrates how to provide discipline without jeopardizing your child's love or respect.
- Boasts a community of fans who were raised with the Love and Logic approach.

Curriculum Highlights:
This curriculum comes complete with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and includes 5 modules.

Throughout the course, you'll acquire essential skills to:

- Eliminate Whining and Arguing
- Avoid Power Struggles
- Handle Public Misbehavior
- Streamline Mornings and Bedtime
- Promote Sibling Harmony
- Transform Daily Tasks
- Make Potty Training Enjoyable
- Instill Core Values

And Discover:

- The 3 E's of Learning
- What To Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless
- How Limits Create Happier Parents, Happier Kids, Happier Families.
- How To Get Kids To Listen the First Time.

You will also receive a physical workbook with lessons that you will keep as a resource.

Join us on this transformative parenting adventure, where you'll not only gain invaluable insights but also build a foundation for a more connected and harmonious family life. Reserve your spot now and embark on the journey to becoming a patient, inspiring parent!

Don't miss out on the chance to create lasting positive change within your family. 
Enrollment ends April 10th to ensure you receive your class workbook before it begins.

Enroll Today!

Class Details:
-Five 2 hour Weekly Sessions
- Start Date: April 20th
- End Date: May 18th
- Time: 8 am Pacific, 10 am Central
-Class Workbook Included
-Bonuses** (See below)

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Are you unsure if Love & Logic is right For you? Check out these common questions:

"But what if I'm too busy?"  
We understand the demands of a hectic schedule. That's why our Love and Logic 5-week class is designed to be accessible and practical. Each session is crafted to fit seamlessly into your routine, providing you with actionable strategies that don't require an overwhelming time commitment. The techniques you'll learn are meant to simplify your parenting journey, not complicate it.

"What if my kids are too old for this approach?"  
Love and Logic is timeless. Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, the principles are adaptable and effective. Our approach is not just about age-specific challenges but about building a foundation for respectful and harmonious relationships, regardless of your child's age.

"Will this really work for my family?  
Love and Logic has a proven track record of success, resonating with families from various backgrounds and circumstances. The strategies you'll learn are practical and applicable to real-life situations. We're confident that by implementing these tools, you'll witness positive changes in your family dynamics.

"What if I'm a single parent?"  
Love and Logic principles are designed to empower parents in various family structures. The techniques taught are effective for single parents as well, providing valuable tools to navigate parenting challenges independently.

"I've tried other parenting courses before without success."  
Love and Logic is distinct in its approach, focusing on practical, real-world strategies that have been proven effective for countless families. If past courses haven't delivered the results you hoped for, Love and Logic might be the refreshing and impactful change you need.

"Can't I find similar information for free online?"  
While there's plenty of information available online, Love and Logic offers a structured, comprehensive, and proven curriculum that goes beyond generic advice. Our classes provide a guided, step-by-step approach, offering a depth of knowledge and practical tools that can make a significant difference in your parenting journey.

"What if I'm not tech-savvy?"  
We understand that technology can be a barrier for some. Rest assured, our classes are designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-follow instructions and accessible content. If you ever encounter technical challenges, our support team is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Bonus 1: Personality Assessment

When you know your child's personality and have specific techniques for their personality, then parenting strategies are far more effective. This Personality Assessment will be evaluated by our Love & Logic Instructor and you will receive a detailed description of your child's most likely personality profile.  You may utilize this information throughout the parenting course to more effectively gear the techniques to your child's personality.  If you haven't already done this, find access in your registration confirmation email.

Bonus 2: Q & A Session: Extending Support Beyond the Classes

We understand that questions may arise as you begin implementing Love and Logic into your family life. That's why we're offering an exclusive Bonus Live Q & A Session one week after the classes concludes, on May 25th am Pacific, 10 am Central. This session is designed to address any specific concerns or challenges you may be facing. We are committed to your success beyond the classes, ensuring that you feel supported on your parenting journey. Submit your questions up until May 24th and they will be answered!  Embrace the opportunity to engage directly with our experienced instructor, gain insights tailored to your unique situation, and solidify your path to a calmer, happier home. Your journey doesn't end with the last class; it is just beginning!  

Larissa Kannas
Certified Love & Logic Instructor
Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Studies
               Minor in Psychology
               Family Life Educator
 Love and Logic Institute
               Instructor Certificate
Larissa's parenting life took a pivotal turn when she encountered the principles of Love and Logic. Struggling with two young children and feeling underprepared in fostering a healthy parent-child relationship, Larissa's participation in a Love and Logic class, recommended by a impactful guest speaker in her Child Development course, initiated a series of positive changes. This educational endeavor wasn't just academic; it was transformational, propelling her to not only implement these principles at home but also to become a certified instructor, spreading the philosophy's impact within classrooms and families, including her own. Her journey from feeling overwhelmed to becoming empowered and confident exemplifies the profound effect of Love and Logic on personal and familial well-being.

Years of practicing Love and Logic have not only transformed Larissa's family life but have also set a foundation for healthy, loving relationships with her children through every developmental stage. From the chaos of early parenting to the challenges of teenage years, Larissa's story underlines the significance of effective parenting techniques. Her narrative is a testament to the power of education and mentorship in parenting, showcasing profound shifts from frustration and guilt to peace, joy, and fulfillment in family life. Today, Larissa, a mother to five with one more on the way, cherishes the enriched connections with her children, attributing this success to the enduring principles of Love and Logic.