How to Order Essential Oils
In a few minutes, you will be on your journey with essential oils - a journey that changed my whole life!

Step 1. Click here.
Step 2. Choose your essential oil starter bundle.
Step 3. Click Create Loyalty Order (not add to cart)- this will ensure you receive the maximum bonuses and product credits.
Step 4. Click View Cart. (You will see your free gift if your order is over 100 pv)
Step 5. Enter promo code SHAREYL and click Apply for your discount.
Step 6. Click Check Out.
Step 7. Enter your best email.
Step 8. The Loyalty button that gets you extra bonuses is defaulted to on - so leave it as it is.
Step 9. Make sure my number, 870619, and/or my name, Erika Noll, are in the referral area.
Step 10, 11, 12. Add your shipping address, shipping method, and payment method.
Step 13. Submit your order and a confirmation page will appear.  
Step 14. You will receive an email - validate your email and set up a password for the website.
Step 15. Email me at so I can celebrate with you, answer any questions, and get you added to our support groups!

I am honored you are joining our Holistic Super Moms Young Living Family!!