Finding Home Wherever You Are

HOMESICK: FINDING HOME WHEREVER YOU ARE  is a phenomenal book collaboration between 16 women who openly share their trials and triumphs as they moved to different towns, states, provinces, and countries. The authors share tips they learned on their journeys and encouragement that you can also find home wherever you are.

 Use this book and the BONUS COURSE that comes with it as your guide to start healing homesickness, creating friendships and ultimately find home.  

I was a guest on Kaycia Ellingsen's Podcast: Homesick to Happy Movers

Listen for more tips as we discuss my move to California!

In addition to contributing a chapter to this collaboration, I was also the editor.
Working on this project was a true honor and joy - with each story I edited, it felt like getting to know beautiful new friends. Through their struggles and successes, these wonderful women have come together to create something truly special that's well worth your time!