The Art of Flourishing Collection
A collection of three books amplifying the stories of 45 women who have overcome fear with courage, found belonging by just being and are making their dreams and visions come true.  
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In a world where so many tear each other down, I prefer to look for the positive.  I look for the good in others.  Whatever you look for you find.  I have been blessed to collaborate with a group of women who are choosing to make a difference by blessing others’ lives.  It has been an honor to have a part in making this collection a reality along with these women from around the world.  It has been nine months in the making! 

This is for anyone who has been searching for inspiration to step out in courage, feel like they belong, or make the world a better place.  I have read each woman's contribution and have been moved to tears over the difficulties they experienced and have felt truly inspired by their triumphs, small or great.  

These books are for you if you need 
  • To know you’re not the only one who has gone through difficulties
  • To know it is possible to make it through even the darkest times 
  • To believe you can take the next right step
  • To know you belong in this world
  • To know that you can dream big
  • To know that you can make a difference
  • To know you’re supported by a community of like-hearted women

If you have ever doubted yourself, then this collection is for you.  


Being and Belonging
A collection of stories that show us what it's like to embrace the full human experience, champion the treasures of authenticity, how we trade it for love and belonging, and reveal what it means to find our way back to ourselves.

Courage, Dear Heart
A collection of stories about fear, mustering your courage, and what can happen if you keep moving forward.

On Earth as in Heaven
A collection of the dreams and visions heart-centered women have for a better world and the things they're doing to make them a reality.
What people are saying:
Lauren Da Silva, the curator of the Art of Flourishing Collection of books, has interviewed many of the authors and is releasing the interviews on her podcast.   
It has been wonderful to hear the voices and feel the spirits of the women who have contributed their stories to these books.  
I love hearing positive stories of people that want to make a difference in the world.  
If you do as well, you will enjoy listening!  

Here is my interview about courage on the Art of Flourishing podcast:

You can find all the podcasts as they release on these platforms:  
Along with writing a chapter in Courage, Dear Heart, I was also on the editorial team for all three books.  I was privileged to work behind the scenes and got a glimpse into the passion, purpose and message of each author.  I am better for it and highly recommend all three books. 

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September 27th, 2022 Book Launch Live Video!

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