Advocating For Your Health in 2020 and Beyond

Using the information found here,  you will be more likely to stay healthy, 
 overcome health discrimination, keep your job,  keep your freedom, make an impact,
and have all sides of the information so you can make the best decisions for your family.  

        What you will learn:

General health advocacy in a medical situation

Science that has been largely ignored by politicians

Remedies, protocols, and prevention that are proven

Problems with the offered "vaccine solution"

Current Censorship/Bias

How to report issues with the "vaccine" and how to look up other reports on VAERS

How to claim your rights in schools, jobs, public places

Related Laws

 Related items affecting children

Guidance with Compassion

Personal Health Advocacy:  Natural Immunity

And much more . . .

This is a super resource!  Included are hundreds of links to studies, other super resources, law, expert testimonies, explanations in layman's terms, expert's solutions, helpful articles, etc.  There will be continual additions of resources as they become available.  There is also a chat room for respectful discussion and questions.  

Who am I?

I am a holistic health and nutrition coach, author, and mom who is passionate about  supporting moms in learning to self-advocate.

Come with me!  I have so much to share that I have learned over the years. Your learning curve doesn't have to be as long as mine!

I believe that claiming or re-claiming your voice and power is key toward achieving a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that brings you energy, vitality, confidence, and peace.