My Favorite DIY ingredients for Cleaning!

I used to think making my own cleaning products was too hard to do, 
too time consuming, and they wouldn't be effective cleaners.  

Then I tried a few recipes and found that not only were they quick and easy, 
but they were very effective, smelled WAY better than the cleaners I had been using, 
and they did not negatively affect my body.   Win, win, win, win!

Now I am a seasoned DIYer, and I love being in total control over every product in my home!

These are some of the products I buy that help make the recipes that I use to clean my whole house.
I keep these on hand, and whenever I get low, I can easily whip up a new batch of whichever cleaning product I need.    
As you can see, I am a bulk buyer - but since these are my only cleaners and are very versatile, 
I've got to save $$ AND have them available at all times!  

I would love to hear how you love these products, too.  
I am always learning, so let me know if you have a product you love, too - I will check it out!


Baking Soda - Aluminum Free

Baking Soda is so useful for all sorts of cleaning projects!  I get it by the gallon!  
This is way more cost-effective than buying it in small, aluminum-free containers.
This can also be used for cooking and is amazing!

Baking Soda - Aluminum Free

I also get this kind - it just depends on which is cheaper - but they are both quality.  
This can also be used for cooking!


As you can see, I like Earthborn Elements, and I like saving $$, too.  
Borax is an ingredient that I use a lot, as well.  I get it by the gallon!

Washing Soda

This is great to use for laundry and other recipes!  

Citric Acid

I use citric acid to make dishwasher detergent!
I also love that the Earthborn Elements buckets all stack neatly.

Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Household cleaner is an integral part of the majority of my cleaning recipes.  
I cannot live without it!  Bonus - because it is a concentrate, it is more cost effective than any other cleaner!

Castille Soap

Castille soap is another staple in my house!  I get the unscented - that way I can add in my own high quality essential oils and create many different scents.


I get super-concentrated vinegar and dilute it according to my needs.  This is extremely strong.  Be careful not to get it on your skin.  

Roller Bottles

I use roller bottles for so many things!  I like having both brown and colored rollers for different applications - it helps me tell my recipes apart at a glance.  I like how Esarora adds useful tools as well.  


Pretty Roller Bottles - 10 mL - Esarora - 24 pk

Glass Spray Bottles

I use these glass spray bottles for many different recipes. 
The set is a great place to start.  Many times I buy for a class 
I am teaching, or for gift giving, so I like the single size packs, too.

I have done a lot of research about essential oils since 2002.  I have tried many different brands, side by side comparisons.  
The brand I recommend as the most potent,  pure, and effective for all applications is Young Living Essential oils.  

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